26 March 2013


Brighton Fashion Week are stepping up production for this year's amazing shows, and it's nearly time to cast some gorgeous guys and girls to walk in our varied shows.

Attention all performers and wannabe models; this year Brighton Fashion Week will be hosting the model casting for our three catwalk shows on April 13th at Churchill Square Shopping Centre. 

We've teamed up with FM Model Agency who will be helping us judge the castings and will be offering two lucky participants (one male, one female) the chance to win a photoshoot session in London!

Come along between 11am-4pm on April 13th at Churchill Square. See the flyer below for more details...

27 December 2012

Biba and Beyond

Can't wait to see Biba and Beyond at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery next month! Barbara Hulanicki is Brighton fashion history

Admission charges: 

Adult - £6

Child - Free

Concession - £4
Brighton & Hove Resident (proof of residency required) - £3
Member - Free

Opening times
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm
Closed Mondays (except Bank Holidays 10am-5pm), 24-26 December & 1 January

12 December 2012

In Vogue: The Editor's Eye

From the same network that brought us Sex And The City and Boardwalk Empire, HBO have once again succeeded in the style stakes with In Vogue: The Editor's Eye, a documentary focusing on the women who have kept Vogue at the forefront of fashion - the fashion editors. 
Made to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the sartorial bible, the film builds on the success of R. J. Cutler's wildly successful documentary The September Issue. Featuring Vogue's surprise sweetheart and creative director Grace Coddington, Polly Mellen, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele and of course, the grand priestess herself, Anna Wintour, the women discuss their visions, their processes and their legendary photographs.
The Editor's Eye is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion or editorial, and although not yet available in the UK the documentary has received widespread acclaim in the US. Here's hoping it crosses the pond sometime soon!

13 April 2012


When I'm at home my room is lacking in one specific area. Without a TV signal, music channels are off limits, so I rely on my laptop to get my fix. An impatient girl, I want everything new and I want it now. Keeping up to date shouldn't be expensive, so here are my go-to sources for must-have mixes and free downloads:

Zane Lowe on Radio 1 - 7 to 9, Monday to Thursday. Tune in for the freshest indie, rock, alternative hip-hop...a broad musical taste equals an eclectic show. As long as it has heart, Zane's on board.

LSTN - Urban Outfitters Super cool clothes, super cool sounds. Take your pick from the UO Radio, Music Mondays with five downloadable free songs or my personal favourite, LSTN's downloadable playlist with over twenty free tracks. A great way to hear the songs behind the hype or discover something new.

Nylon Music Keeping Nylon fans in touch with the up-and-coming, free downloads and hot collaborations. The latest? Mark Foster, Kimbra (of Somebody I Used To Know fame) and A-Trak for Converse.

Mistapes at i-D Online Each Mixtape has a different feel so choose wisely. Artists old and new, young and old, established and cult soundtrack your month, as mixed by the oh so edgy i-D. Check out their features as well as the playlists.     

4 April 2012


As some of you may know, I am now working for Brighton Fashion Week 2012, and particularly the Brighton Frocks Show on 30th May. I will be keeping you up to date with all things BFW in the build up to this exciting alternative fashion week.

The time has come to start scouting fantastic girls to model in our shows, so if you think you've got what it takes then check out the flyer above. E-mail 2-5 head and full-length shots of yourself to models@brightonfashionweek.com and include the information stated on the flyer. Castings take place on Monday 23rd April so don't miss out!

We are also looking for performers; please follow the same application process.
I look forward to seeing many of you soon!

23 March 2012


I'd been saving this article for my university's magazine, but it's been in the pipeline for quite a while now... Here's a sneak preview at my article on what fashion means to a girl like me.

There are few things more important to me than fashion. It is my free time, it is how I plan to make my living and it is something I will always argue has great significance in all of our lives. But when I talk about fashion, I am not thinking of luxury, logos and labels. I am thinking of the street and the ways in which individuals put together pieces without the aid of a stylist. Fashion shouldn’t be about dictation, but creativity and communication; this is what fashion means to me.

We have come a long way from using clothes just to survive the elements. Now, we dress to express. What you choose to wear is a visual representation of your personality, your likes and dislikes, your taste and your background. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but when that cover has been personally designed by you surely it would be a mistake not to. Recently, we have taken to wearing our lives on our wrists with friendship bracelets, festival wristbands and gap year trinkets. Moments in time become commemorated in fashion, and through them we send messages to the world without saying a word.  

Although fashion, for me, is most interesting on the street, it is impossible to ignore the influence and importance of designers. Fashion should be exciting, and it is the thrill of the new that keeps me engaged rather than classic styles. Creativity on the catwalk comes around once every six months, and with the new season comes suspense and surprise. Designers like Christopher Kane, Vivienne Westwood and the late, great Alexander McQueen consistently break boundaries with each and every show, keeping fashion ever-relevant.

In short, fashion means everything to me. It is who I am and it is what I do. Whether you know it or not, fashion says a lot about who you are. Your fashion tells a story, and I want to hear it.

13 March 2012


Here at Sussex University the colour of choice this season was most definitely green. While you may be thinking of moss-green parkas, I'm talking about true green style; ethical and environmentally friendly fashion that doesn’t have to do bad to look good. On Wednesday 7th March, as part of Green Week, the School of Global Studies showcased the best of Brighton’s eco-fashion through a catwalk show with a conscience. While the rest of the world was focused on international fashion weeks, Sussex students needed to look no further than their own campus for the new trends and styles made from sustainable and organic materials in ethical ways.

Co-ordinated by Sussex alumna and successful model Renske McFarlane, the show also featured break-dancers, DJs and a talk from Rob Drake-Knight who won the Sustainable Business Award in 2010 with the company Rapanui. The Fair Shop, Lovethatstuff and Rapanui provided the outfits for the night, proving to Sussex students that being sartorially satisfied can be sustainable. Hair and make-up, done by Aveda using their plant-based products, showed that botanical beauty is catwalk worthy. 

Renske McFarlane, Sussex alumna and show co-ordinator

Stylist Daisy Moon Ellis with her help

Rehearsals get underway...

Models get their hair and make-up done by Aveda

My favourite look of the night; festival inspired grunge

This show, held on campus, will be performed again in Brighton in April. For all those who couldn't make this date, make sure you get your tickets for April!