25 December 2009



It's a day we've been longing for, Britain is finally experiencing a white Christmas! I took some time out yesterday to enjoy the snow with my best friend, as you can see above. I hope you all appreciated this change in weather over the last week!   

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a very, very, very merry Christmas! This is a time for celebration and sparkle, so lets pull on those sequins and party like us Brits know we can. Merry Christmas once again, enjoy your day fashion fans!


23 December 2009


I was literally left speechless when I found out that Luella was to cease trading last month; one of the most quirky, creative and quintessentially British designers of our time (and of course, a personal favourite!) . Her designs touch on that saccharin sweetness many women covet, whilst managing to retain a rebellious, punk spirit that keeps the clothes stylish. If it wasn't for the price tag, I would be a Luella lady head to toe! 

The close of the label means we will not be seeing those heart cut-out chests, that polkadot tailoring or those candy-floss cuts on the red carpet any time soon, but what about on a street near you? New Look have just shown their S/S 10 collection to fashion insiders, and ladies lets be honest: Luella is back from the grave. Check out The Flying Saucer, the latest post on which is direct from New Look HQ in Paris. The 'Cupcake' collection is a direct translation of Luella's latest show from the catwalk to the city streets, making use of pastel colours, polkadots and heart shaped cut-outs. I know I'm excited! 

I might give the January sales a miss this year bloggers, I've got a sweet tooth that only the 'Cupcake' collection can satisfy...     

11 December 2009


Check it out fashion fans! My entry will be winging its way into cyberspace this weekend; I hope you like what I come up with! Why not try your hand at this competition yourself?

6 December 2009


For those of you who keep your ears to the ground, the sound of stilettos will no doubt have been eclipsed by the news of a collaboration between Christian Louboutin and, the one and only, Barbie! Revealed in around September this year, fashionistas have suddenly given up their wicked ways in the hopes of being on Santa's good list. The £100 doll is now sold out on net-a-porter.com, begging the question...who says we're too old for toys?!

4 December 2009


Check out Sonia Rykiel's new lingerie line for H&M, released tomorrow!


I'm so tempted by the lucious looking dressing gowns. But I also love the cute little rosebuds, however impractical they may be! Well, if you're gonna make a statement...

Which pieces are you lusting after ladies?

23 November 2009


a quick nod to my new school bag, a beautiful grey tote smothered in gold studs running all along the thick strap and bottom corners! swooooon

Today is Monday; first day back at sixth form! My sixth form requires business dress, which translates as a matching jacket and skirt or trousers, with 'appropriate' (what an awful word) shoes, blouses, etc. For boys, it's easy to come up with shirt and tie combinations each morning! But for girls? Well, each morning tests even the most stylish of minds with creating a look that, while still remaining college-appropriate, shows off your personality. How best to do this? ACCESSORISE TO THE MAX!

I am a magpie, admittedly, known for my love of all things embellished, studded, gold, glittery, sequinned, bejewelled... you know the score. So my way of showing my personality in school usually focuses on jewellery. With an extensive collection of rings, my writing is often hampered; but who cares when your hand looks like a gold mine! I slip chain after chain on my wrist, or if I'm wearing a less statement top I'll weigh myself down with pendants and pearls.

Tomorrow, I want to incorporate a new necklace I bought at the NEC's Christmas Fair.

It's one of the simplest ways to express who you are as a person, and can be worn both simple and elegant, or big and bold. I also purchased this amaaaazing notebook for £3 from Shruti Designs! Who said stationery couldn't be cool...

17 November 2009


HO HO HO it's officially Christmas time! How do I know? Well the season isn't dictated by snow. The first day of Christmas, in Birmingham at least, starts with the opening of the annual German Market and Craft Fair. Pretzels, hot mulled wine, wurst, brot, bier and carousels; not forgetting the deliciously expensive 'fruit covered in chocolate'. I wish they had a more desirable name so those living outside the city could understand their merit, but its a 'Birmingham thing'.

With the ice rink nearly ready, the wheel reaching rooftops and the lights switched on, there's a festive mood in the chilly air. But what does this mean for fashion? It's layering time, ladies! Coats over jumpers over shirts over vest tops, cute knitted mittens and obligatory German Market tassel-eared hats, now is the time to swathe yourselves in scarves and lace up ankle boots. I love Winter for the ability it gives me to wear all my favourite things at once. But I'm no hardcore fashionista: weather influences my choices just as much as Winehouse.
Last Saturday, I gave my Russian-style hat it's first outing, keeping a vintage feel to my look with a lace vest, gold crochet cardigan and red lipstick. I added military style shoe boots to tie in with the hat, as you can see from the images below:

Stylish? Maybe. Practical? Perfect! Want to shoot style up a notch? You can't beat these heavyweight beauties from Topshop, http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=175036&parent_category_rn=175013&productId=1374421&langId=-1 , a (relative) steal at £95. Santa baby, hope you're taking note!

10 November 2009


About three minutes ago my jaw hit the floor: as announced today, Luella is to cease trading.

A designer with one of the most original, creative and, to quote Simon Cowell, 'relevant' design styles in the business, the brand has fallen victim to that damn recession. VSQ, Luella's main financial backers, stated that they simply could no longer "invest in the relationship". This statement, released on Tuesday, comes the month after the factory that produce her ready to wear collections closed, meaning S/S 10 orders will remain unfilfilled. The crumble will come as a shock to many a fashionista, who are used to seeing Luella's quirky creations on anyone who's anyone in the Fash Pack: Alexa Chung, Lily Allen and Jaime Winstone to name but a few. With so many fans, and just seven weeks after massive praise for her fifties inspired S/S 10 collection, the move by VSQ to pull out of the brand serves as another reminder of how serious the economic downturn is for the fashion world.

The designer, who holds the title of last years Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, was all smiles at the launch of Liberty's Christmas windows last night. A sign of true professionalism to the bitter end, she did not allude to the huge announcement that was to be made today. Luella is quoted as being "very disappointed" and "upset", but the former fashion journalist leaves her dedicated followers with hope: after praising her team and VSQ for their five years of support, Ms Bartley assured us "I love the Luella character and hope that after we have survived this challenging time, the Luella girl can have an exciting future ahead of her, whichever incarnation she takes on next". One can only hope.

Luella was one of London's leading lights; I hope she comes back with higher heels, bolder lips and a strut that shows everyone the Luella girl is back in town.

23 October 2009


Anyone who knows me knows I have a penchant for anything studded. Black, black and blacker, smothered in shiny silver spikes and diamante rivets, my obsession for all things rock'n'roll has hit new heights. I blame those Christian Louboutin for Rodarte spike heels: (http://w4wtoronto.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/rodarte_cl1.jpg), I've never recovered.

So imagine my delight when the much-anticipated Jimmy Choo for H&M collection images were finally released, offering studs, studs and more studs!! On belts, bags, flats and heels, the shoes are everything you'd expect from Tamara Mellon. There's that box clutch in hot pink, zebra print, strappy leathers with gold buckles and ankle cut outs. Miss Mellon talks us through the collection here:

See more pictures here for yourself: http://www.blogger.com/www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashionweek/catwalk/24621/0/1/jimmy-choo-for-h-m.html

21 October 2009


Who can forget those YSL caged concoctions from a/w? Their suggestion of confinement and restriction is a sexy connotation from shoes that have sparked debate amongst the public. Of course the Fash Pack adore, but comments across the WWW sing to a different tune. Either way, the YSL cage shoe-boot is probably the most desirable since the infamous Trib.

So imagine my delight when I spy this in my inbox:

For only £25, these peep-toes are a tad more affordable than their £960 designer counterpart. But will I succumb? That peep-toe and those animal skin straps are questionable...but silhouette overcomes detail in this situation. Next stop New Look...

8 October 2009


I have a number of posts to slot in between my last and this one, but I couldn't let this picture go unpublished for more than ten seconds.

Alexander McQueen is a genius, we have known this for a long time, but these shoes are his newest masterpiece. You have to suffer for fashion dahlings, but these works of art might just be the death of me. I would buy them and wear them every single day, with bikinis and ballgowns and business dress. I don't care that they make my feet look like trotters, all that matters is do they have my size?!

(Words really can't decribe these beauties. I suggest keeping this image at your bedside until you can breathe again)

18 September 2009


It's the moment I've been waiting for for a long time now: Christopher Kane's a/w '09 collection has finally hit TopShop stores across the country.

This thirty-eight piece collection features all the details his main line wowed us with, including mesh, eyelets, mirrors and those jaw-dropping animal prints. I'll be heading straight for this crocodile print dress on Oxford St for £70! The price is justifiable...just about...

17 September 2009


Just a couple more delectable designs from NY fashion week, the first from Temperley, the second from the delightful Erin Fetherston. What would I do without Elleuk.com?!

16 September 2009


FIRST THINGS FIRST: how do I love thee Rodarte? Let me count the ways...
So it's the start of a crazy few weeks. New York fashion week has already shown us spring/ summer '10 across the Atlantic, but I'm more excited for the brash, ballsy talents of London designers. And with huge names returning to London for the 25th anniversary, what better catwalks to peruse than those in our capital?

I'm heading to London to try my luck at blagging entrance into the shows, so keep me in your thoughts!

13 September 2009


How delicious is this quilted leather-look jacket from boohoo.com? My budget will juuuuuuuuust about stretch to £25. Remember, a girl can never own too much black!

6 September 2009



Seventeen at last, and what a way to see in my new year. So what is being seventeen going to change in my life? Lets be honest, not much. Eighteen is the big one. But another year older and another year closer to my dream! Here's to family, friends and fashion. I love you all.

1 September 2009


All manner of juicy things dropped through my letterbox this morning. I feel sorry for my postman...

31 August 2009


It's officially the first day of September.

September means school, seventeen and, most importantly, LFW. In a splendid coincidence, I also happen to be watching Sex and the City and reading The Sunday Times Style.

Yes, I'm another girl wanting to work in fashion! But atm I'm in Birmingham, studying for A Levels and feeling highly inferior.

So welcome to Bella's Boutique, the best a Birmingham girl can get.

X x