25 December 2009



It's a day we've been longing for, Britain is finally experiencing a white Christmas! I took some time out yesterday to enjoy the snow with my best friend, as you can see above. I hope you all appreciated this change in weather over the last week!   

I would like to take this time to wish everyone a very, very, very merry Christmas! This is a time for celebration and sparkle, so lets pull on those sequins and party like us Brits know we can. Merry Christmas once again, enjoy your day fashion fans!


23 December 2009


I was literally left speechless when I found out that Luella was to cease trading last month; one of the most quirky, creative and quintessentially British designers of our time (and of course, a personal favourite!) . Her designs touch on that saccharin sweetness many women covet, whilst managing to retain a rebellious, punk spirit that keeps the clothes stylish. If it wasn't for the price tag, I would be a Luella lady head to toe! 

The close of the label means we will not be seeing those heart cut-out chests, that polkadot tailoring or those candy-floss cuts on the red carpet any time soon, but what about on a street near you? New Look have just shown their S/S 10 collection to fashion insiders, and ladies lets be honest: Luella is back from the grave. Check out The Flying Saucer, the latest post on which is direct from New Look HQ in Paris. The 'Cupcake' collection is a direct translation of Luella's latest show from the catwalk to the city streets, making use of pastel colours, polkadots and heart shaped cut-outs. I know I'm excited! 

I might give the January sales a miss this year bloggers, I've got a sweet tooth that only the 'Cupcake' collection can satisfy...     

11 December 2009


Check it out fashion fans! My entry will be winging its way into cyberspace this weekend; I hope you like what I come up with! Why not try your hand at this competition yourself?

6 December 2009


For those of you who keep your ears to the ground, the sound of stilettos will no doubt have been eclipsed by the news of a collaboration between Christian Louboutin and, the one and only, Barbie! Revealed in around September this year, fashionistas have suddenly given up their wicked ways in the hopes of being on Santa's good list. The £100 doll is now sold out on net-a-porter.com, begging the question...who says we're too old for toys?!

4 December 2009


Check out Sonia Rykiel's new lingerie line for H&M, released tomorrow!


I'm so tempted by the lucious looking dressing gowns. But I also love the cute little rosebuds, however impractical they may be! Well, if you're gonna make a statement...

Which pieces are you lusting after ladies?