13 April 2012


When I'm at home my room is lacking in one specific area. Without a TV signal, music channels are off limits, so I rely on my laptop to get my fix. An impatient girl, I want everything new and I want it now. Keeping up to date shouldn't be expensive, so here are my go-to sources for must-have mixes and free downloads:

Zane Lowe on Radio 1 - 7 to 9, Monday to Thursday. Tune in for the freshest indie, rock, alternative hip-hop...a broad musical taste equals an eclectic show. As long as it has heart, Zane's on board.

LSTN - Urban Outfitters Super cool clothes, super cool sounds. Take your pick from the UO Radio, Music Mondays with five downloadable free songs or my personal favourite, LSTN's downloadable playlist with over twenty free tracks. A great way to hear the songs behind the hype or discover something new.

Nylon Music Keeping Nylon fans in touch with the up-and-coming, free downloads and hot collaborations. The latest? Mark Foster, Kimbra (of Somebody I Used To Know fame) and A-Trak for Converse.

Mistapes at i-D Online Each Mixtape has a different feel so choose wisely. Artists old and new, young and old, established and cult soundtrack your month, as mixed by the oh so edgy i-D. Check out their features as well as the playlists.     

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  1. check out Hype machine, there's some fresh stuff on there. Like this,


    ps. cool bloggg maaan


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