14 August 2011



As I write this post, I am currently enjoying the benefits of a week long holiday in sunny Spain: a tan, a satisfied stomach and, most importantly, some great foreign finds from markets and department stores alike. I stayed in Salou for the majority of the week, spending a blissful day in Barcelona to visit the famous Ramblas, the Hard Rock Cafe and the truly amazing fountain show. Below are just some pictures of the beautiful places I visited and what I picked up along the way.


Mexico in Portaventura

Roman Amphitheatre 


Gaudi's church

New Purchases...

Plain t-shirts from Sfera

The 'I' and the eye bracelets from Spain, blue Firenze bracelet a gift from Florence, purple bead bracelet and blue beaded bracelet gifts from Turkey

Has anyone else been away?

24 July 2011


As many of you will already know by now, Amy Winehouse sadly died yesterday in her Camden flat. The news came as a shock to me, and if I'm honest I still have not come to terms with her death. I always knew this day would come, but I did not expect that day to be yesterday, while I was at a friend's party surrounded by celebration.

It is not yet known how Amy died, and although suspicion of drugs is inevitable after Amy's very public problems with addiction, to presume that her addiction was fatal is not right. Right now the world, in my opinion, should respect Amy Winehouse as a performer, a singer, a musician and one of the most talented songwriters of our generation. Frank and Back To Black are seminal albums, and it is through these phenomenal albums that Amy should be remembered. Her soulful voice will now become haunting, putting her alongside other tragic musicians who died at 27, such as Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.

Amy Winehouse made an invaluable contribution to both music and fashion, and I am deeply saddened that such a talent has been lost so early in her life and career.  

She was just a girl with a voice and problems.

21 July 2011


The Coveteur shot Adrienne Shoom's edgy but practical wardrobe recently, and I couldn't help but feel an affinity with the woman who proclaims "I can edit clothes- but I have a real problem with tossing out magazines...I just can't seem to throw them out!". The senior style director of Joe Fresh has stacks of glossy fashion magazines, from Pop to Love to Vogue to Harper's Bazaar...my heart says yes, but my bank balance says no. Even so, I've run out of bookshelf room and have had to begin stacking my Elles, Nylons and Stylists on my floor like some form of sculpture. After all, fashion is art.

This shelf is stacked full of Elle, ID, Love and Pop

 Some of my favourites

11 July 2011


The most recent shoot by The Selby is a pretty special one. Featuring Karen Inderbitzen-Walller, photographer and stylist, and Delphine Avril Planqueel, retoucher and lighting director, in their New Zealand home, the shoot captures one of the quirkiest, busiest and most interesting homes The Selby has seen in a while! Below are a few choice shots, but be sure to check out the whole collection here

My room is beginning to look like this, I have a lot of magazines

8 July 2011


MALIBOOM! While those of you in London and Manchester may have already experienced the fabulous Malibutique, here in Birmingham the fun has only just begun! The pop-up boutique attracted unsuspecting shoppers to see what all the fuss was about, and with my signature drink a Malibu and Coke (a double, if you would) I could hardly resist.

After waiting until respectable midday to be let in, Malibutique did not disappoint! As if the free Malibu cocktail wasn't enticing enough, the boutique offered style advice courtesy of Heat magazine and Lipsy, hair tutorials by GHD, fake tans from Fake Bake, manicures from Nails Inc and make-up tips and makeovers. Yes, all for free.

I took advantage of GHD, who showed me how to create Hollywood waves, while my friend at ispeakpolitics opted for a manicure in one of the three limited edition Malibu/ Nails Inc shades. 

 Oh, and of course we picked up our free cocktail.

So with the Malibutique sticking around until Sunday evening, what better way to spend a sunny day than with some complimentary pampering and a cool cocktail in hand? Oh yes, there is the free nail varnish too...

Kepe up to date with the Malibutique Twitter here ! Has anyone else visited? Which shade did you take home?

3 July 2011


It was Friday. It was my Leavers' Ball. It wasn't that important to me, but my dresses certainly were. My Rodarte for Target dress is not only in my favourite colour, but carefully kept on the right side of feminine with the sheer material covering the black slip underneath and unexpeced satin shoulder bows.    

The details: six inch black peep toe heels and Moschino clutch. Assorted vintage bracelets

Vintage earrings

After the prom wound down at our venue, I changed into a red American Apparel jersey skirt/ dress for the afterparty. Incredibly short. Super sweet.

The morning after. Nothing better than a Ramone and harems to soothe away the sambucca


Last weekend, on the 25th and 26th June, the Birmingham Pavilions played host to a Vintage, Fashion and Craft Fair. Stalls, although set in beautiful shopping centre surroundings, strayed away from high street product and instead sold a variety of authentic and reworked vintage clothes, jewellery and accessories, tempting visitors to pick up something completely unique! Local businesses sold alongside the online boutiques, allowing Birmingham to browse stunning summer dresses, vintage Levi's shorts, baskets full of scarves and ethical make-up from Samina (their products don't use any animal derived products, why just be beautiful when you could be ethical too?).

After a heavy week celebrating the end of exams my funds were somewhat limited, but as an out-and-out accessory addict I couldn't resist adding these two rings to my collection!

Did anyone else treat themselves? Let me know below!

3 June 2011


Hay Festival of Literature and Arts, held annually in Hay on Wye, has been famously described as "the Woodstock for the mind". Authors, poets, philosophers, actors and artists of all kinds descend on this cute little town to be at the festival, which is attended by literature lovers of all backgrounds.

I went to Hay for the first time today and absolutely fell in love with it! It helped that the sun was shining, but even in the rain the stacks, shelves and boxes full of books could keep me entertained for hours. With such a range, both inside the festival site and in the town itself, you cannot fail to find a tome to tickle your fancy.

You absolutely cannot leave Hay without a book or two, and I picked up a fashion focused novel (the main character is called Izzie, how could I resist?) and a book on the fifties. And absolutely proving my point that fashion can be found anywhere, I found a turquoise pendant for only £1!  

Hay Festival may have an intellectual reputation, but even The Telegraph recognise that only the most stylish book lovers are found at Hay.

Who would you love to see at the festival, and is anyone reading any fantastic books at the moment? I'm on the hunt for summer reads! Let me know below.

31 May 2011


Revision has quite literally taken over my life, but as it's all for a good cause I'm soldiering on! However, I gave my self a little break today and headed to town to pick up a few things. Of course, as is always the case, I got hardly anything I went for as it either hasn't been released yet (Nylon July issue) or sold out too quickly (Urban Outfitters peace necklace I'm talking to you).

Here's a quick outfit post:   

New Look top, pendants I found in my room, Avon Very Berry lipstick 

Gems TV ring, Avon Matte Violetta nail varnish

While I didn't get exactly what I wanted, this modern, summery matte purple shade inspired me to buy a 17 Matte Top Coat to give all my nail colours the same effect. I also picked up the 17 metallic Crackle Top Coat and a divine baby blue polish that would look great with a tan on a beach far, far away.

17 Crackle Top Coat, Avon Matte Violetta and the same Avon topped with 17 Matte Top Coat

Maybe I have a few too many nail varnishes...is 41 enough?

Nail art and nail effects are huge atm, so what else have you all been trying out?