23 April 2011


My favourite TV guilty pleasure  stopped off at Birmingham University on Wednesday, and what a day to choose. The sun shone over the ever-growing queues and their antiques as the people of Birmingham descended on Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow.

Not only did I manage to grab Paul Atterbury as my expert (the man wears blazers like no other), I was filmed with Hilary Kay talking about my Vivienne Westwood God Save The Queen t-shirt. So come September, watch out for me on the BBC! 

Paul Atterbury and Hilary Kay

Fiona Bruce

Getting my hair and make-up done by the BBC

Microphone time

Being filmed

Like I said, catch me on the new series in September!

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  1. How exciting! I rarely watch Antiques Roadshow, but I've seen it enough to recognise Paul Atterbury - plus, Fiona Bruce always seems so nice. You look lovely too, Izzy, completely in your comfort zone! :-)

    I will definitely look out for you on the show come September!
    Chloe xxx


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