23 November 2009


a quick nod to my new school bag, a beautiful grey tote smothered in gold studs running all along the thick strap and bottom corners! swooooon

Today is Monday; first day back at sixth form! My sixth form requires business dress, which translates as a matching jacket and skirt or trousers, with 'appropriate' (what an awful word) shoes, blouses, etc. For boys, it's easy to come up with shirt and tie combinations each morning! But for girls? Well, each morning tests even the most stylish of minds with creating a look that, while still remaining college-appropriate, shows off your personality. How best to do this? ACCESSORISE TO THE MAX!

I am a magpie, admittedly, known for my love of all things embellished, studded, gold, glittery, sequinned, bejewelled... you know the score. So my way of showing my personality in school usually focuses on jewellery. With an extensive collection of rings, my writing is often hampered; but who cares when your hand looks like a gold mine! I slip chain after chain on my wrist, or if I'm wearing a less statement top I'll weigh myself down with pendants and pearls.

Tomorrow, I want to incorporate a new necklace I bought at the NEC's Christmas Fair.

It's one of the simplest ways to express who you are as a person, and can be worn both simple and elegant, or big and bold. I also purchased this amaaaazing notebook for £3 from Shruti Designs! Who said stationery couldn't be cool...

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  1. I saw you around school the other day and I love the bag! The studs are perfect - where's it from? :)
    I really do love that necklace, so elegant.. And the notebook is so fun and such a bargain :D Lovely buys!
    I have to say, I love all your outfits that I see at school and they're still on the right side of school-appropriate. Perfect.

    And thank you so much for the comment, I'm so flattered that you thought of me!
    Oh, if only it were that easy... :) The website is very interesting though, so thanks so much. :D xx


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