4 December 2009


Check out Sonia Rykiel's new lingerie line for H&M, released tomorrow!


I'm so tempted by the lucious looking dressing gowns. But I also love the cute little rosebuds, however impractical they may be! Well, if you're gonna make a statement...

Which pieces are you lusting after ladies?


  1. Oh I love love love Sonia Rykiel, her designs are so nice! I'm also seriously loving all these collaborations of fashion designers and high street..

    Ah wow, the Christmas Fair sounds amazing, will have to check it out next year.
    Ha, no worries! I love seeing all your outfits, you're like the best dressed sixth former I've seen around school! I love being a girl, sooo much more variety :D

    And I know, I see you lots too! Saw you in S16, speaking to Sahota because of Asian Arts and everything :)
    Ah, don't remind me, still stuck in this uniform for over two years.. At least now it's cold, I can wear my red Burberry duffel to school, hehe.

  2. Aw thank you, thank you; you're too kind!
    Yeah I've inherited all my mum's designer pieces which she can't wear anymore.
    And aw, yeah Birmingham is a pretty good place to be in all fairness.

    I also love reading your blog and can't wait for you to do some more outfit posts! Seriously, you have such good fashion sense; I definitely see you as someone who could have a career in fashion one day.
    I'm gonna have to do a feature of you in my blog one day, when I have some free time :D xx


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