23 December 2009


I was literally left speechless when I found out that Luella was to cease trading last month; one of the most quirky, creative and quintessentially British designers of our time (and of course, a personal favourite!) . Her designs touch on that saccharin sweetness many women covet, whilst managing to retain a rebellious, punk spirit that keeps the clothes stylish. If it wasn't for the price tag, I would be a Luella lady head to toe! 

The close of the label means we will not be seeing those heart cut-out chests, that polkadot tailoring or those candy-floss cuts on the red carpet any time soon, but what about on a street near you? New Look have just shown their S/S 10 collection to fashion insiders, and ladies lets be honest: Luella is back from the grave. Check out The Flying Saucer, the latest post on which is direct from New Look HQ in Paris. The 'Cupcake' collection is a direct translation of Luella's latest show from the catwalk to the city streets, making use of pastel colours, polkadots and heart shaped cut-outs. I know I'm excited! 

I might give the January sales a miss this year bloggers, I've got a sweet tooth that only the 'Cupcake' collection can satisfy...     


  1. Aww I will miss Luella too, I always loved her shows :(
    Looking forward to the cupcake collection! But I will be one of the mad women in the selfridges sale this saturday!! haha, I have my eye on some Chloe shoes I'm hoping will be massively reduced :P
    Have an amazing Christmas and New Year darling!

  2. It is now Christmas so merry, merry Christmas to you! Yeah, I completely know what you mean. I've been branded a Scrooge by so many but yeah, hopefully I'll be a bit more festive in the day time. Hopefully. :)

    Ah wow that's cool! I've only gotten that shirt, I've been there before but nothing had taken my fancy :) How about you? Gotten any notably good buys? :)

    Merry Christmas and have a great 2010, can't wait to see what else you have in store for the new year!

    (P.S. I remember when you posted about Luella ceasing trading, really quite good to see New Look taking some inspiration-- or downright ripping off-- those literal sweetheart necklines... Can't wait for January sales either, plus my birthday is in January! :D)

    --Chloe xxxxxxxxx

  3. It's devastating, isn't it! At least she'll be on sale for a little while...


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