3 June 2011


Hay Festival of Literature and Arts, held annually in Hay on Wye, has been famously described as "the Woodstock for the mind". Authors, poets, philosophers, actors and artists of all kinds descend on this cute little town to be at the festival, which is attended by literature lovers of all backgrounds.

I went to Hay for the first time today and absolutely fell in love with it! It helped that the sun was shining, but even in the rain the stacks, shelves and boxes full of books could keep me entertained for hours. With such a range, both inside the festival site and in the town itself, you cannot fail to find a tome to tickle your fancy.

You absolutely cannot leave Hay without a book or two, and I picked up a fashion focused novel (the main character is called Izzie, how could I resist?) and a book on the fifties. And absolutely proving my point that fashion can be found anywhere, I found a turquoise pendant for only £1!  

Hay Festival may have an intellectual reputation, but even The Telegraph recognise that only the most stylish book lovers are found at Hay.

Who would you love to see at the festival, and is anyone reading any fantastic books at the moment? I'm on the hunt for summer reads! Let me know below.


  1. I've always wanted to go to Hay, looks like so much fun

  2. I've been seeing posts about Hay Festival all over the blogosphere lately. Love all your buys, especially that lovely turquoise necklace and that last tote bag!

    How are the exams going? Almost finished? I saw you in school this week through one of the big windows and I was tempted to run down the stairs and catch up with you, but I missed you :-( Will I see you any time soon, like book return? Hope you're well anyway :-)

    Chloe xxx


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