31 May 2011


Revision has quite literally taken over my life, but as it's all for a good cause I'm soldiering on! However, I gave my self a little break today and headed to town to pick up a few things. Of course, as is always the case, I got hardly anything I went for as it either hasn't been released yet (Nylon July issue) or sold out too quickly (Urban Outfitters peace necklace I'm talking to you).

Here's a quick outfit post:   

New Look top, pendants I found in my room, Avon Very Berry lipstick 

Gems TV ring, Avon Matte Violetta nail varnish

While I didn't get exactly what I wanted, this modern, summery matte purple shade inspired me to buy a 17 Matte Top Coat to give all my nail colours the same effect. I also picked up the 17 metallic Crackle Top Coat and a divine baby blue polish that would look great with a tan on a beach far, far away.

17 Crackle Top Coat, Avon Matte Violetta and the same Avon topped with 17 Matte Top Coat

Maybe I have a few too many nail varnishes...is 41 enough?

Nail art and nail effects are huge atm, so what else have you all been trying out?


  1. Emily Alice01 June, 2011

    i really love that purple :) I also love the maybelline nude collection, its my fave atm! xx

    being-emily.blogspot.com xxx

  2. You are looking as lovely as ever, Izzy! I know the feeling of actually having money and setting out to buy things... and coming back home almost empty-handed. The shops aren't really inspiring me at the moment anyway!
    Also, is it really weird if I say that you have the nicest nails ever?! And the matte purple is lovely. I've never understood how the crackle polish works, but it looks lovely and very retro.

    I'm fairly boring when it comes to nails. I have the standard crimson red, black, navy blue and brick red-maroon. Recently, I got some cheap No 7 (£5 off!) nail varnishes, one which is a really lovely grey and another which is a muted brown-beige. Really wanna get some pastel ones now and I love the sound of the baby blue! :-)

    Hope the revision is going alright! I'm sure that all your hard work will pay off soon! :-)

    Chloe xxx


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