14 May 2011


Since September 2004, I have been a student at King Edward VI Five Ways school in Birmingham. I have grown from a fresh-faced eleven year old into the fashion fiend of eighteen I am today, and it has been a long, long journey. On Tuesday, the school that has shaped my adolescence will cease to be my school, as this week was my last full week at Five Ways. With four days left of sixth form (which requires 'business dress') and four suits in my wardrobe, I decided to wear them all for one last time.


Jersey blazer with polkadot lining and lapels, white t-shirt, jersey skirt

Pearl and glass rings: China, Gems TV and H&M

Mix of bracelets: Iran, unknown, H&M, gift and vintage. The more the better!  

I think this blazer is so cute.


Black t-shirt, dogstooth skirt, rings from China and H&M, bracelets as before

Necklace from Accessorize, one of my favourites

Suit from Matalan

The  vintage brooch that makes me wish I wore glasses, Primark studs

Ring-a-ding-ding! eBay, gems TV, H&M, gift and H&M

This is my favourite 'business dress' outfit! Blouse from Matalan with a chain under the collar

Nobody knows how my shoes get so trashed. Primark.


T-shirt Matches for Erdem during LFW, grey trouser suit from Matalan

Was finally able to change my 'new' piercings yesterday


  1. Izzy! Please tell me why you don't do outfit posts more often?! Especially seeing as you're so incredibly stylish ;-) I love all your suits and how you adapt the school's business dress code to suit your own individual style, coupled with your addition of all those lovely trinkets and gems.

    I am certainly going to miss you, your bubbly smile and your flawless ensembles once you leave Five Ways, but I'm sure that I'll be seeing more of you once you enter an even more exciting FW - the Fashion World! :-) (I am so using that in my next blog post as I want to feature you!)

    We will definitely have to keep in touch via blogging / Facebook and no doubt when you're back in Birm in the future, we will have to go shopping together :-) A massive good luck and best wishes to you, I've loved getting to know you, you're one of the coolest people I know :-)

    Chloe xxx

  2. Anonymous21 May, 2011

    Where will you use all your stylish suits now? :( x

  3. Phuu, those flats are really trashed :-) hopefully you already sent them to the trashincinerator ;-)


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