23 May 2011


There is no denying it any longer: I LOVE so-called 'trash TV'. Reality dramas have me hooked and from glossy American series to their UK copycats, I tune in every single week. But although the romantic entanglements and feisty females are entertainment enough in themselves, it's the clothes that keep me coming back episode after episode. Whether I love or hate the cast's signature style, I think it is so interesting to see into people's wardrobes and take note of the variation and diversity shown by these shows! Below are some of my favourite series and a style summary for each one:     

The original: The Hills. The girls began the series with their Teen Vogue, all-American casual cool ensembles, but six series later the cast ended on a style high (not you, Heidi).

Style Signature: Lauren's long blonde locks and feline eyeliner flicks
Style Crush: Audrina and her rock chick vibe

The City. This Hills spin-off followed Whitney Port as she tried to make her name as a designer in the Big Apple, developing her own DVF-influenced style as the show went on. Olivia Palermo also featured heavily on The City, becoming a style icon in her own right.  

Style Signature: Olivia Palermo's glossy waves 
Style Crush: Roxy "I only wear black" Olin (I see a theme developing...)


Jersey Shore courted controversy from the get-go. The stars of the show shamed Italians with their excessive partying, drinking and lurve making, but entertained US and UK audiences so much that they were called back for a third series, a UK version ('Geordie Shore', see advert below) also in the works. Essential beauty kit for the Jersey Shore? Fake tans, fake boobs, muscles and hairspray.

Style Signature: Darker than mahogany false tans
Style Crush: Snooki and her sixties-inspired "poof" and dark eyes!  

The Only Way Is Essex, the now BAFTA winning reality-drama, follows the glamorous lives of a cast so Essex they're almost caricatures. Big hair, tight dresses, false tans (boys and girls) and high heels might be the order of the day, but the cast still show sartorial know-how and that wonderfully eclectic British style through the way they put together a look.

Style Signature: Big hair. Joey Essex blow dries his in place every, single, day. Reem.
Style Crush: Lydia's hippy-dippy touches to an otherwise glamorous wardrobe   

Made In Chelsea is the latest reality-drama, almost diametrically opposed to The Only Way Is Essex, on which it is supposedly based. The moneyed set are into classic pieces, furs, glitz, glamour and a cocktail or five. Very high end, no matter how much Amber and Rosie try to fight it.   

Style Signature: Big, white, Chanel AW '10 fur coats
Style Crush: I have yet to find one character with a strong sense of personal style that I also love! Caggie is a bit casual, Amber tries a bit hard and there are no words for Ollie. Maybe tonight's episode will shine a light...

So, which do you watch? And most importantly, whose style do you prefer? Let me know below!


  1. Anonymous23 May, 2011

    I love this post so much, maybe because I relate to it so much?! ahaha, Made in Chelsea on tonight! x

  2. I'm excited!

    I wish my hair was as big as their hair



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