6 May 2011


It will probably come as no surprise that I have a HUGE style crush on Mary Kate Olsen: bohemian, eclectic, rock'n'roll, creative, risky...I cannot compliment Miss Olsen enough on her sartorial savoir.

However, it is not only her off-screen style that captures me. Her presence on the big screen sees Olsen play characters a little less mainstream than in her previous straight-to-video tweenage films. Take in The Wackness and Beastly for example. Whether a free loving stoner in the late 1990s or a modern-day witch taking style tips from Kesha, respectively, Olsen's fashion and costume never fails to fascinate.

 Beastly (2011)

The Wackness (2008)

So I definitely know which film I preferred, but which costume designer deserves the highest honours? Let me know!    


  1. I've always loved MK and A Olsen - however, not always for their fashion sense as I too loved their characters on the big screen and used to religiously watch New York Minute every day. It is only now that I appreciate their eclectic, stylish ensembles and their very individual approaches to fashion.
    I couldn't wait to watch Beastly and now, I'm looking forward to it even more :-)

    Chloe xxx

  2. Emily Alice30 May, 2011

    love the olsen twins SO much! love your blog :) check mine out: being-emily.blogspot.com xxx


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