10 May 2011


The world of retail is often taken for granted. We walk into a shop, we see something we like, we buy it. However, how many of us stop to think about how this product came to be on the shelves? Over the past few weeks, Britain's Next Big Thing on BBC2 has got viewers thinking about the retail process. Open days at Boots, Habitat and, most fashionably, Liberty, saw buying teams looking for exciting new products that could be sold in store in a matter of months.

These days have revealed some real treasures along the way, like Charlotte Sale's wave inspired glassware, made by hand.

Furthermore, Tom Hopkins Gibson pitched some beautiful bowls he makes from driftwood he finds near his home in Scotland.

But my personal favourite? Phillip Weston and his stunning silk scarves, with photocopied prints rendered beautifully in show-stopping colours. I would put him with Holly Fulton, Christopher Kane and Peter Pilotto in terms of creativity with print, and although their styles may be vastly different their innovation unites all four designers (yes, Weston is now a designer). His creations are available at Liberty, HERE under Weston Scarves.

I really think Weston's work is beautiful, original and inspiring, so I will be saving up and treating myself to one of his scarves come summer. Has anyone else been watching? Who is your favourite found talent so far?

Tune in tonight at 8pm for the next episode!

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